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Marcio has an aptitude for web design. His understanding of the clients’ need and the ability to reflect them in a visual representation makes him stand out. Combined with his SEO competence this makes for instant recommendation to anyone. It is also pleasure to work with him – nice sense of humor and attention to details. Michael,PresidentNovusysread more
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory
Essa empresa de muito Profissional, procuro uma empresa séria a muito tempo nesse mercado. Tem toda a minha referencia para o trabalho profissional de SEO.Muller Araujo .read more
Müller Araújo
Müller Araújo


“The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.” – Phillip Kotler

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At Rio X Marketing, we have over 15 years of experience in helping business owners old and new establish a solid online presence, one that their future customers will refer to time and time again. Our SEO options are ones where we utilize the top keywords recognized by Google from people who are searching for your business online, locally, nationally or internationally.


Having a website that customers cannot find is a problem that so many business owners go through, and is a concern that we cater to directly in developing your web pages and content. For example, when your most frequent customers are right there in your home city/town, you want to stand out above your immediate competitors in order to create a great reputation with locals. This reputation used to be determined by good old word-of-mouth, and it still is, sort of. The difference nowadays is that the words they say about you are being said on the internet in written business reviews.

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