Diana & Nicky

Diana & Nicky

Link: https://dianaandnicky.com/

Deyana KolevaUnexpectedly, Diana&Nicky came to fruition out of sheer necessity. Back in 1991 in Bulgaria, I had just become a mother to a wonderful baby girl, who I couldn’t really provide for –my factory salary wasn’t enough to support us both.

When the communist regime fell and democracy swept the nation, I remember I struggled to find necessities for my newborn such as diapers, formula, and especially clothes due to shortages. So one day, the idea came to me that I can just make my own clothes- how hard could it be- babies are tiny, after all? It turned out to be quite difficult actually– from making a design to finding material and sewing the parts together to form an actual dress- but it had always been my dream to create something. I was never afraid of hard work- I just never knew where to place this particular talent in. My passion turned out to be making clothes for my little one.

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